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ABOUT Leigh Clayborne

Who Is She

Leigh is a Nashville, TN- based content marketing writer, analyst & strategist.


She has  helped businesses and professionals promote their brands, products and services through engaging and relevant SEO blogs, eBooks, white papers and video scripts for nearly 5 years.


Before that, she worked 10 years as a corporate healthcare manager here in Nashville, leading teams of 20-60 in a customer-centric, data-driven, highly regulated business.

Thanks to her corporate management background and now 5 years self-employed, she connects best with a B2B audience. She loves building content around business owners and professionals in various industries seeking solutions in hiring, management, marketing, startup funding, etc.

Why She Writes

Being a content writer & strategist has allowed her to  align her several passions; customer experience, marketing, health & wellness, analytics. education and writing with her career.


She loves starting her days with meditation, then a morning hike.  After that, she gets to work, finding new ways to delight her clients' customers and help marketers meet their goals.


Her clients appreciate her creativity, communication, strong research skills and ability to consistently deliver engaging content that their customers and clients love.

See some reviews here.

She is a storyteller at heart. And with a love for learning, she is always adding to her portfolio to tell even better stories to build trust and loyalty for her clients.

How She Works

Leigh is experienced and certified in Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics and Content Marketing and SEO.

She puts this knowledge and skill to work for clients.

She loves to research, analyze, plan and execute. But she also loves to just research and create content.


She can work within an existing content marketing strategy . Or she can help clients develop and maintain a content schedule.

Being a solo operation, Leigh doesn't offer any social media or advertising distribution services. However, she does create social media headlines and meta descriptions, which are included in most blogging packages.

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