Comprehensive Content Assets

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 Buy blog articles, guest posts, eBooks, landing pages, video scripts & more .

Get the  best freelance writer rates on results-driven content.

No Up Front Charges.  Pay As You Go.

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 Amazon + PDF Files

  • Built around Target Audience, Buyers' Journey &  Marketing Objectives

  • In-depth Internet research

  •  1-2 high res images or data screenshot per 500 words

  • Digital cover

  • Print formatting  & Print cover extra


Script Based on Your

Top Blogs

I convert one of your best performing blogs into an engaging 2-3 min video script for YouTube, Website or Other.

Lists & How-to's work best.

Blog length = <1500 words


Blog  length = <3000


Video Script from Scratch

I create a well-researched 2-3 min list or how-to video script on an approved topic.


Lead Gen eBook  

or White Paper  


Video Marketing Scripts


Guest Posts (GPs)

for Smart, Google-Aligned, 

Natural Linkbuilding thru Link-earning 

GP is the only Google-Aligned way to build backlinks for SEO. But putting low quality GPs on spammy, low authority,  irrelevant sites  or buying links will hurt your SEO.

1 High DA backlink from a reputable site can boost your search ranking & target audience traffic significantly.

Plus a quality GP published on the right site will drive referral traffic  to your website and social media profile.

Cheap, spammy link packages don't do that. 

Here, you have 2 pricing options to meet your needs.

If you'd like me to write high quality GPs while you outreach and negotiate with publishers of high authority, relevant websites, you'll want...

1 Guest Post w/o outreach

See Article pricing

If you're looking for the easy way to get published and get a backlink on high authority, relevant websites, you're looking for something like this...

  • 500 word guest post

  • Outreach and Negotiation with top publishers in my network, across industries

  • Permanent backlinks

  • Great for SEO now and into the future

  • Mid to High DA (Domain Authority)

  • Relevant to your page and/or industry

  • Usually includes bio line w/ social links (depends on the publisher)


1 Guest Post with outreach to publishers

Starting @ $95*

*Pricing is all inclusive, but varies based on authority of the Publishing site and their traffic/mo. Usually it's $95-$250. Some niches may require more outreach time or effort, which raises cost.  I use my expertise to get you the best placement for your budget.

Social Media Headlines

for Creation & Curation

Get social media optimized (SMO) headlines that:

  • Drive social traffic to your website

  • Increase brand awareness & reach

  • Increase brand recall and buzz

  • Increase engagement among your existing SM fans

  • Help you attract new fans

  • Hashtag research & strategy for visibility in searches

  • Optimized for maximum ROI

W/ Curation of Shareable Content

$5/headline (minimum 10/month)

For Content You've Created or Curated

$3/headline (minimum 25/month)

Get your social media headlines free when you purchase certain blog packages.

Leigh Clayborne is a Nashville-based freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years healthcare management experience on 15+ years creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

She is Hubspot & Google Analytics Certified and always learning & adapting to help clients stay ahead of the competition.