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Freelance Content Writer for
Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing &  SEO  

Leigh is a HubSpot Certified freelance content writer who has a track record of delivering consistent, strategic, compelling content to help you:

  • Get More Search Engine Visibility 

  • Get More Targeted Traffic 

  • Build Brand Awareness

  • Maximize Your Content Marketing ROI

  • Experience Sustainable, Long-Term Results

Hi, I'm Leigh Clayborne, your content creation partner
Together we'll create content that people, search engines & your KPI's  love. 
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What People Like You Are Saying

I love working with Leigh. She is always thorough, timely, and writes in such an engaging way for our readers. Her blog posts have been top notch.


I will continue to use Leigh as much as possible! 

- C.M./ Physician's Office

Leigh is a talented writer. She quickly picked up on our voiceand message we wanted to convey. All articles have been on time and high quality.


We couldn't be happier with her work.

- R.R. / Digital Marketing Agency

Industry Specialties w/ Samples







Mental Health


B2B, Marketing

Audiology & Hearing Tech

Pet Grooming

& Vet

Content Asset Specialties

White Papers

Guest Posts

Social Media Posts








Video Scripts

Slideshow Videos

Content marketing strategies for healthcare and business require content that educates, inspires and converts visitors into loyal customers. But it's not easy figuring out how to hire a SEO content writer for your blog who can consistently deliver, creative content.


And on top of it, understand marketing strategy, current trends/best practices, influencer marketing, inbound marketing, SEM, SMM, SEO, Social media advertising, branding & storytelling and more.




I get the art of subtle persuasion and why measurable results matter.


I work with you to get results.

You've found the place where you can hire an SEO content writer who not only knows content.
Your SEO content creator knows how to create a content marketing strategy and implement it or work within your own strategy.
This is the kind of partner you need in this competitive industry.

SEO Content Creation That Speaks Their Language 

Whether you're a dentist trying to figure out how to get more patients into your dental practice, a medical doctor wondering how to get more patient referrals, a health tech company working on brand awareness, a supplement company trying to foster customer loyalty, or a marketing professional who can't seem to meet the demand for SEO content creation that converts, you need a business, health and wellness writer who produces SEO content that isn't just more of the 3M blogs and visuals added to the internet every day.

You need to get attention and connect. You need to keep them on the page and get them invested. Through it, we build trust and loyalty that doesn't just lead to a quick sale. Those are nice. But to maximize your ROI, you need more.

By speaking your target audience's language and understanding yours I help you create content that continues to resonate with customers. It pays you back over the long term.

In a nutshell, 


I speak your language and the customer's. And communication is the #1 Indicator of success in anything you do.

Customer Experience Focused Content

There are a lot of small business, health, medical and dental marketing ideas out there in the content marketing world. But there's one major reason so many of these fail. They're focused on you and your business when the customer is focused on themselves and their wants and needs -- their own experience. 


Or maybe I'm already "preaching to the choir".


Customer experience is the engagement driving today's marketplace. It's proven. It works. It's what people want. It's not a passing trend. It's been steadily increasing in importance over the past 20-30 years.


As an SEO content creator, I'll help you create that customer experience through engaging digital content that customers and patients love, all while educating, informing and fostering the kind of loyalty that increases revenues for you and customer lifetime value,


That's the win-win you want for your business. This is where strategic execution and artistic vision align to make magic.

How to Hire a Blog Writer for Content Marketing
You could just buy a blog article. But blog posts alone don't drive traffic or meet marketing goals. They don't increase revenues.  They're an expense rather than an investment. 
​To meet objectives, get content built around the Buyer's Journey, strategically designed to connect with your target customers and maximize your marketing budget ROI.

It's easy to get started.  As your content partner, I'll help you transform the way your target audience interacts with your company and brand.

This SEO content writer and strategist is ready to become your content partner developing strategies or working within your own.

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