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How to Reach Customers when marketing health and wellness?


Our Customers, Clients, Patients and Patrons spend their time online, on social media, watching videos, clicking through slides, reading something interesting, working or discovering something new. They want to be informed, inspired and entertained. They enjoy learning more about the companies that they trust to provide them with the goods and services that make their lives better. As a business we know that we must meet our customers where they live and work in this very digital world. But we're busy running our business. We don't have time to be marketing health. But to increase patients and customers and inspire their loyalty, health marketing is exactly what we must do.

That's why we develop professional content that drives traffic into your site and promotes sharing, reviewing and engagement. We help your brand become a fixture in your customer's life, by being present, helpful and engaging.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

We use a combination of proven and yet ever-changing SEO, LOCAL SEO, LSI, and inbound marketing strategies to help your business become more visible in search engines, on social media and in your potential and existing customers' lives. We never use tactics to deceive or annoy customers. Rather we invite them to become a part of your brand by staying informed as you post new and interesting content on a weekly or biweekly basis. They will want to read and view your content and want to know more.

How to Connect With Your Target

We analyze your industry and customer base. We find out what they want to know and what they are talking about. By developing and integrating content around your target customer we draw them in. And then through providing consistently informative and engaging content, we foster brand loyalty and a desire to share with others. We help you tap into free social media promotion in which your customers work for you, spreading their experiences, sharing informative content and recommending you to their social circles.

We utilize leading industry tools to develop content marketing strategies to reach those customers where they live and work and play. We remind them why they trust your brand to provide them with the quality service and products that they expect.  

We offer comprehensive marketing packages that are made up of 4 cornerstones

  • custom content

  • curated content

  • social media

  • Google

Our blend of these 4 is designed to minimize your capital investment while maximizing content to get results.

We develop a wide variety of custom content to reach your target

  • Blogs

  • Infographics

  • Website Copy

  • White Paper

  • Reports

  • eBook

  • Paperback

  • Slide Shows

  • Listicles

  • Social Media Headlines

  • Press Releases

And Curate the above in addition to:

  • Royalty-Free Images

  • White board

  • Video Promo

  • Video Tutorials

  • Quizzes

These work together in a dynamic marketing strategy.

We specialize in a selection of industries, including​:


  • Health Content Marketing

  • Fitness Content Marketing

  • Medical Content Marketing

  • Dental Content Marketing

  • Nutrition Content Marketing

And also work extensively in:

  • Small Business Content Marketing

  • Legal Content Marketing

  • B2B Content Marketing

  • Insurance

How to Call Customers to Action

Content Marketing is the natural yet effective way to engage your customers in 2017. Each content piece is designed with the following priorities:


  1. Get attention ​- We utilize strategies that naturally lead customers to your site and business. Titles are accurate yet clickable. They draw a customer in to learn more.

  2. Engage - We design each piece to engage, intrigue and inspire by speaking in the customer's language, talking about what they are interested in related to your industry. Through consistent publishing of new content we get customers excited about the next piece.

  3. Call to Action - We entice customers in "non-salesy" but unambiguous ways to check out your products or services and to share your content. By getting attention and engaging the customer first, we establish a rapport with your customers and  position your business as a subject matter expert. We make taking the next steps as a prospective or returning customer a "no-brainer".

How to Build a Strong Custom Content Marketing Campaign

A strong content marketing campaign builds upon its solid foundation. Once content is created, it may need to be updated periodically if something changes. But otherwise that content is always there working for you and your business. Quality Content is an asset that does not depreciate over time. It continues to direct inbound traffic to you. But there are certain keys to building the most effective content empire.

1. Stick to a schedule. Content Marketing is not like a TV ad, where you pay outrageous prices for a 30 sec spot 1X day for 30 days, get a boost and you're done. Content marketing is most effective when content is developed and released in regular intervals over time. You begin to develop a routine. Your repeat customer -- the best kind -- becomes a part of your routine and expects something new and interesting from you on some kind of schedule. By honoring this trust you create a bond between your business and your customers. Customer loyalty is not easy to come by these days, so this a competitive advantage you need.

2. Don't betray your customer's trust by releasing inferior content or trying to oversell in your content. Content first. Or Customers First, whichever way you want to look at it. 

3. Keep building on what you already have. Remove content that is irrelevant and continue to see your content working for you.

Call to action - Yes.

High Pressure Sales Tactics - So last century.

Factual information, supported with authority beyond business leadership's own opinion or knowledge help build trust and trust converts to sales.

3. Target with your asset type. Research shows that B2B audience prefers longer pieces like eBooks and White  Papers with lots of supporting data. They like to think they are receiving inside information in exchange for signing up for your newsletter. And you better deliver on that promise. B2C customers often like shorter pieces 750-1000 words that they can quickly read and then share. But they too appreciate longer, meaningful content on occasion.  Some would prefer a journalistic article while others a more engaging blog, listicle or video.  Evaluating who your target is and what works will help you design a top-notch marketing plan.

4. Work with professionals.  A lot of wasted time and money can go into content marketing if your consultant doesn't have a solid plan, stay current and concisely innovate and adapt. Know what that plan is and how it should work.  

5. Know what you plan to achieve. Results should always be measurable. What are your goals? Do they align with the strategy and investment? We work with you to evaluate your current traffic and campaign engagement to get results.

How to Reach Customers
Connect with your target
Drive Traffic
Call Customers to Action
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