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How Doctors are Connecting with Patients by Marketing Health & Wellness

Healthcare content marketing

Healthcare has changed tremendously over the past 10-15 years: Electronic records, Insurance company hoops, Remote healthcare, Telemedicine, HIPAA, Medicare Advantage and the Affordable Care Act.

One thing hasn't changed -- your commitment to your patients. But the way you reach new patients and interact with existing ones has changed a lot. Your reach and influence extend beyond an office visit and for the better. Today, you have an opportunity to connect with patients like never before through the Internet -- and no, I'm not talking about chatting on social media.

Health content marketing is helping Doctors' Offices stay connected for the betterment of their patients. Content creation is the key to get more patients and fostering loyalty among your existing ones.

What is Content Marketing Health

Content Marketing is providing High Quality, Informative, Engaging Content (articles, blogs, infographics videos, etc.) to the general public for "free". A content writer/ designer, which may be you or someone in your office or a professional SEO blog writer, develops this content for your patients .

These days, you post them on your website as blog posts.

You have 2 primary facets within your strategy that will convert into financial benefit for your practice as well as improved wellbeing of patients.