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13 Ways to Create Meta Titles WE can't Help but Click

Your meta titles are the window into your website. Traffic passing by only catches a glimpse of what's inside as they're scrolling through their search results. If you meta titles and descriptions aren't "showing a little skin", you may not be doing all you could to entice potential customers to click into your site. If they don't click, you can't capture the lead. Without the lead you make no conversion. You need to lure people in and metas are the first thing they see. Metas aren't just for coders. If you are a marketing professional or business, you need to understand the impact of your meta tags and consider them a part of your marketing strategy.

What are Meta titles/ Title Tags?

Meta Titles look something like this (in blue). They are the title of your page and may or may not match other titles on your page. Which of these do you find the most "clickable"? Why? This is important to consider when you are creating your own.

Great Meta Tags

Your Meta title will show up in search engines, in shared posts, and much more, so make sure it's clickable and shareable.

A meta title is part of the code that makes up your site. But if you're not a coder, you can still add meta titles to your pages. Many website builders give you a spot where you can enter your meta tags easily if you are a do-it-your-selfer. Here is what the section looks like on a Wix Website Builder. I'm st