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Do our Conversion Goals Make Our Content A SharkTank?

Content Creation

When someone visits your site, do they feel like they're swimming with sharks? Are your CTA's circling them before they're even knee deep in the water? Is your Customer Experience sending them fleeing? Does your blog content writing look more like a thief lying in wait?

A forward thinking Walker Study shows that Customer Experience is on a trajectory to surpass price and product by 2020 as THE market differentiator for your brand. Is your customer experience a bait and switch, a waiting snare?

According to Walker, A Leading Business Consultancy Group, you may not be able to survive much longer unless you adapt.

Content creation and content marketing are ever growing and changing. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you must understand what your customer wants and be ready to create that customer experience.

Niraj Dawar of the Harvard Business Review echoes this sentiment, "Winning the next transaction (through big data and aggressive targeting) eventually yields only short term tactical advantage, and it overlooks one big and inevitable outcome." What is that outcome?

Spending too much time and money just to counteract what our competitors are doing rather than differentiating by focusing on the customer's experience and not the next sell.

But the honest truth is that most of us don't set out to create a bad customer experience. We do the best we can with what we know, what we learned in school. Don't miss a chance to convert. "ABC, Always Be Closing," to misquote a great movie.

But is our drive to tell people how great we are, that we've got the best price in town (the Internet) sealing our fate and not the deal? It may be time to rethink our strategies and not just be one of those who says that customer experience is important. Be one who shows it -- and still make the sale.