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3 Exercises to Boost A Content Creator's Creativity-- Not the kind you think

Feel like you've lost your creative edge? You may need to spend less time at the "drafting table" and more time in the gym -- or the dojo or yoga studio or street.

Content creation has a lot more to do with what you do outside the art studio or office than you might think.

According to research published in the Journal of Frontiers in Neuroscience, exercise impacts our convergent and divergent thinking processes. In other words, it helps us pull different elements together to create something new -- convergent. And helps us think beyond what is, to what could be -- divergent.

Yes, like the book/movie.

This is only one of many studies. But perhaps it is the most conclusive yet. The study was composed of a large group of regular exercisers and those who did not regularly exercise.

The more athletic individuals did notably better on various creative tasks than those who did not regularly engage in physical activity -- even the "artists" in the bunch. Research shows that exercise improves all cognitive function and our creativity is perhaps the highest cognitive function we have.

Whether you are a "starving artist" or a well-paid creative marketing campaign exec, you need to keep your creative skills sharp.

Whether you're developing healthcare content on doing personal branding for a health coach, you need that creativity to create compelling content.