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InfoGraphics: The Content Creation Cycle

The Content Creation Cycle

A blog is published and no one reads it. Does it make a sound? The answer, most certainly is no. It does nothing for your SEO, less for your creative content marketing strategy.

We could even say that it doesn't really exist, except for the brutal fact that it does in the form of wasted time and wasted money.

Whether you're an SEO content creator, an SEO content strategist, a marketing professional or a business leader buying content for your blog, you need to know how creative content writers design compelling content.

What goes into the creative process of an SEO content writer?

How does an SEO content creator create content that will drive traffic?

How does an SEO content creator create content people will actually read / view?

Regardless of whether you're the one handing the creative content writing or not, not knowing the answers to these questions yourself could lead to more wasted time and money on the wrong content.

In this article, we'll discuss the content creation cycle so that you'll understand what makes compelling content.