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Is Your Content Marketing Tapping into the Strongest Emotion?

Mario Bros

We all hear that our marketing campaign needs to tap into emotion, whether it's social media marketing, content marketing, or traditional ads. But what is the greatest emotion of all? Is it Fear? Love? Regret? Sympathy? Awe? Pride? Anger?

While there may be some debate, science is actually leaning toward something that we may not even think of when we think of emotion -- Nostalgia.

Did I lure in the 35-55 age demographic with my 8 bit Mario gif? Chances are, yes. And beyond, because many of us have been playing video games since the womb. Who doesn't love Mario bros? Most of those in this age group, particularly in the US likely had a Nintendo, SNES or Gameboy. And this and other games in the series were the games to own.

What about this one?

Perhaps that grabbed the attention of a slightly younger demographic, but magic and fantasy have no age limits, so I'm likely reaching a much broader audience with these content creation ideas.

How about this?