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Why Your Content Creator Should Be a StoryTeller

Storytelling in Marketing

We all love a great story. Maybe it's just how we're made.

Despite the fact that much of our free time is spent streaming Netflix Originals, feel-good movies from our childhood or a great cop drama, we still want more.

So when surveys show that 92% of people prefer content that tells a story, are we surprised? But what is a story?

What makes a story so powerful? What is business storytelling? These questions we will explore as we look at why people love storytellers.

What is a story?

Let's first look to the Cambridge Dictionary for a definition. I'll paraphrase:

a. A description of a series of events, either true or imagined.

That's easy enough. But anyone can tell a story, a series of events. That doesn't make them a great storyteller.

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My mother-in-law is full-blood Pima, and spent her childhood on the tribal lands in the Western US, near Phoenix.