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5 Costly Mistakes When You Buy Blog Articles

Buy Blog Articles for Marketing

Around 44% of marketing agencies today outsource content creation to meet content demands.

This allows you to quickly scale up or down your efforts, keep ideas fresh and reduce in-house staffing cost. But there are also some common mistakes you may make when you buy blog articles for marketing purposes.

These mistakes can really cost you. They equate to unmet KPIs, lost opportunities and branding inconsistencies that leave customers scratching their heads.

Let's explore 5 silly mistakes you may still be making when you buy content for inbound marketing purposes.

1) Not Sharing Your Content Marketing Objectives

Every piece of content should have a clear objective. You already know that. But does your content writer?

What do you plan to achieve with this content? How does it fit into your strategy? What needs to be in this content to ensure it meets its objectives?

Start out fuzzy on your goals and objectives and you won't get far with any inbound marketing content creator.

Not making sure a content creator is clear on what you're setting out to achieve is not the way to meet objectives.

It's the way to spend money on content that doesn't pay you back.

The Solution