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SEO Content Creators: The Health Care Content Marketing Strategy That Works

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Health care -- it's something everyone needs, but no one really want to need it.

Many people like health and wellness content,

But few people get really excited about healthcare content regardless of how well-researched or creative content is.

And almost everyone hates having to find a new doctor.

So, how do you develop a compelling content marketing strategy around something people really don't want to need?

What brings people back to your compelling content vs your competitor's?

Does health care content marketing work?

Yes, yes it does. In this article, you'll see how content marketing healthcare works when you design the right health care content.

Whether you're a SEO content writer, SEO content creator, SEO content strategist, Office Manager or Doctor, you need to answer some very important questions to uncover the perfect way to reach customers and patients through compelling content.

1. Who is my target audience?

2. When are they most in need of my service?

3. How can an SEO content writer reach customers at that precise moment?

So what is this magical moment that an SEO content creator must capture? For most of the healthcare industry, this would be at the moment they think they’re sick and are looking for a cure.

Taking Advantage of the This Magical Moment

Health care content marketing

Our goal is to reach people when they need our help. So one major strategy within health content creation is to create content around the signs, symptoms, treatments, preventions for a condition related to the product of service. For example you might write a piece with the following headings:

What is COPD?

How Do I Know If I have Insomnia?

What are the Symptoms of Heart Disease?

healthcare content creation

What are the Risks of Diabetes?

What Causes Toe Nail Fungus ?

Is Eczema contagious?

How Can I Improve My Knee Pain at home?

How is TMJ Treated?

Is there a Cure for HIV?

What other conditions are like Celiac Disease?

Now that you have your basic outline, add the following techniques.

1. Research what questions people ask about a condition. Word your headings exactly as the question would be asked.

2. Answer each question in an interesting and engaging way.

3. Reference authority sites. According to the CDC, According to the American Dental Association, etc. With so much misinformation out there, this "name-dropping" gives your piece more authority at a glance before they have an opportunity to get to know you.

4. Use local SEO to help rank your site in your city/town so that when someone types in or asks a digital assistant one of these questions, you are visible.

healthcare content writer

5. Keep it focused but also satisfying to the curiosity. A compelling content piece like this will likely not be shorter that 1500 words, but that's great because longer content tends to rank higher in search engines.

6. Use a combo of short paragraphs and bullets. Don't feel the need to make a section longer than it needs to be. If you can answer it in one sentence, do so and move on.

7. Add visually stimulating images to support compelling content, at least 1 every 200-300 words. The pictures should evoke curiosity and emotion on the topic and align well with the creative content.

This information is not only useful to the patient, but can also lead them to you to seek treatment for the condition. This is just one of many effective health care content marketing strategies that we apply at already content. With, 10 years experience in healthcare and 3 in content marketing, this is the place to find an SEO content creator for doctors and other health-related businesses.

Looking for an SEO content creator who understands the healthcare industry and health care content marketing strategy? Need content that is both shareable and helpful to you patients? Contact me and we'll discuss your compelling content

-Leigh Clayborne


Leigh Clayborne is a Hubspot certified freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years of healthcare management experience on 15+ years of creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

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