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How Do I Create Shareable Content? (28.2+ Clever Ways)

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Creating shareable content is about connecting and adding value to the lives of others.

Sometimes it seems like this should be easy for someone in a niche or business.

But it isn’t always that obvious, even to the professional SEO content writer. Knowing how to create shareable content within a niche takes knowledge, research & analytics skills and practice.

How to Create Shareable Content

That said, there is a formula that works consistently. Read on to learn everything you need to know to start generating more shareable content for digital marketing.

What Does Shareable Content Mean?

Shareable content is any type of media that causes a sudden and overwhelming urge to share with others via sharing channels like email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

When content is shareable, it creates a ripple effect among those who see the share, consider it a "recommendation", view it, and share it. Shareable content can rack up a number of shares fast and go viral.

1. Meet Your Content Marketing Goals

Content doesn't have to go viral to be shareable. In most content marketing strategies, reaching an extra 100, 1000 or 10,000 people in a day is huge. You can then use content marketing and inbound marketing strategies to convert that sharing into website traffic, signups, and other important metrics.

And we're just talking about one post. You'll have many.

2. You Raise Awareness of Your Site

All marketers want to increase their brand exposure. When people share, they get your site and brand in front of other people who may also be your target audience.