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How to Hire a Writer for Your Blog

How to Hire a Writer for your blog

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Whether you have a blog for business or for your many fans, at some point you may need some help keeping up with your blog to reach your goals.

When you need to hire a blog writer, it's important to consider what those goals are, so that you can find the right SEO content creator for you and your content marketing strategy.

In this post, we'll explore:

  • what questions to ask yourself to determine what kind of SEO content writer you need

  • which professional writer services are strong in which areas

  • how to hire the highest quality SEO content creator for the lowest cost

And provide links to additional resources you'll need when:

  • finding a freelance writer for hire

  • looking at freelance writer rates

  • understanding what an SEO content writer does

Let's get started

Here are some great content sites: Upwork, Freelancer, Contently, Constant Content, WriterAccess, and of course Already Content (Us). We all serve a function when you need an SEO content creator. But you are going to get very different results depending on who you choose, so let's talk about what you want.

Questions to ask when you need to hire an SEO content creator:

Questions to ask when Hiring a Content Writer

How important is quality to you? I'll go into a little detail here because of the importance of this question. Everything else hinges upon it.

Weigh your budget with the quality content you need. Quality writers can and do charge more because they provide a more finished product in the form of more compelling content.

A great professional writer adds more value to your brand. Each piece of SEO content has a significantly greater chance to rank well in search engines because a professional SEO content creator knows how to create compelling content. That's the only kind of content that helps you earn a return on your investment.

An average SEO content creator produces a lot of average content that may add some value, but if and when is very questionable.

Is it business or personal?

How important are measurable results?

Do you need a storyteller for business (personal) or a straight information SEO content writer?

How much do you have to spend?

Are you okay with cleaning the blog up written by a blog writer to save money?

Are you okay with spending more money on compelling content to save time?

Do you want a phenomenal finished product that the SEO content writer uploads for you, leaving you to focus on other more important things?

Do you have a lot of time to try to find the best SEO content creator?

Do you need someone who is a medical writer, legal writer, etc. or are your posts more generic? A healthcare writer really needs to understand healthcare and marketing. That's not always an easy match to find.

Does your SEO content writer need to have a certain passion?

Does your reader have a certain passion to which your professional writer must relate?

Do you need a professional writer who also understands and can apply content marketing strategy?*

Is your ranking in search engines through SEO important to you?

Would you like a SEO content writer who can also help you with your current content marketing strategy or improve it?*

Do you need regular blogs or just one here and there? *

These last 4 are so important to think about, so we'll talk more in the regular blogs section below.

But, first, now that you have asked yourself these questions, you can look at what these sites offer and at what price.

What are the strengths of the various Blog Writing Services

Warehouse content sites like Freelance, Upwork or Fiverr are great when you need to save money or are okay with either editing your work after they finish or spending a lot of time sifting through applications to find your diamond in the rough.

Anyone and everyone can work on the site and they do. You can find quality blog writers, but will pay for it with your time. And they will not likely be giving you 500 words for $5 like the many blog writers who are unable to provide a higher quality work. This is great option for some who have more time than money or the quality of the writing is not that important to you.

Find a

Contently, Constant Content, WriterAccess screen their writers, so they do have a higher quality selection. Their writers are often specialized in various industries. You will pay a premium for the service.

Think of these companies as your paid recruiters. They are recruiting talent for you and must therefore charge you more to pay for this service. This is great choice if you don't need a lot of content or have a very high budget. You can get some very compelling content on these sites when you pay the top freelance writer rates.

Find a content writer

Already Content connects you will One highly talented SEO content creator who also understands and applies content marketing strategy to get results and focuses on creating the right customer experience for your customers through consistency, engagement and promoter generation. The SEO content writer works with you to adapt and help you build a strong content foundation.

This service is for those who expect quality and need to get results. It for those whose time is important to them.

If you need regular blogs

If you need regular blogs and/or your blogs require consistency and strategy, your best and most cost-effective option is to work with 1 professional writer whether it’s through a SEO content writer warehouse site or with an independent contractor like you get with Already Content. You can find these on Linkedin, forums, etc. and here of course.

Working with 1 professional writer has several very real benefits.

Find an Experienced Content Writer

1. It saves you lots of time.

You and your blog writer develop an understanding of exactly what kind of compelling content you want and need. Although there are some loose and highly contested best practices, there is no wrong and right in writing. It’s all relative. And different writers will apply different techniques based upon what they know is effective based on your goals.

If you already have some strict standards and strategies in place, expect to need to ask for edits if it’s the first time you’re working with a creative content writer. But if you are working with a professional writer, they will very quickly adapt to your requirements. They know that this is part of the process and their goal is to earn your complete trust.

2. It saves you lots of money.

When you work with one professional writer, each compelling content piece they write for you takes less time to write because they are applying the same preferences and strategy over and over. You should expect your SEO blog writer to pass this savings on to you in the form of bulk discounts on compelling content.

Check out our content marketing packages and transparent pricing. See how much you can save when you work with 1 highly qualified writer.

3. It magnifies results.

Whatever your objective is, consistency is key in content marketing. The right writer can consistently apply your strategy, voice and technique to get results.

Best of Luck with your blog. If you're looking for 1 writer, who can help you meet your content marketing goals and objectives, reach out.



Leigh Clayborne is a Hubspot certified freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years of healthcare management experience on 15+ years of creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

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