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Business Success: Why Those Who Believe "Winners Never Quit" Rarely Win

We've heard the saying most of our lives. Winners never quit and Quitter never win.

Or is it the other way around? It keeps us motivated when times get tough.

And if there is one phrase that is sacred among Smart and Driven Entrepreneurs like you and me, it's this phrase.

But what does this actually mean? Can we take it literally? Is it a rule never to be broken? Determination and drive are definitely to be admired and they do get things done. But are we doing more harm than good if we truly believe that "winners never quit."

A 20 Year Study on "what determines success" published in Psychology Today actually stumbled upon a truth that we may not want to face. What did they find?

In summary, that the most successful in their test groups actually "quit" a lot more than the less successful individuals. And this was likely why they were so successful.

But before you throw in the towel, let's examine this a little more closely.

The Study (it's a story)

The study intended to find the key to professional success. They recruited 40 scientist with similar IQs, backgrounds, etc. to participate. During the 20 years, they were regularly interviewed and observed regarding their work habits and beliefs.

Within 20 years, among the participants were 3 Nobel Prize Winners, several other Nobel candidates, among other highly successful careers.

Others had more average