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The 5+ Content Marketing Changes That Every SEO Content Writer / Strategist Should Know

Updated Aug 2018

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What a difference a year makes!

Congratulations, you've made it well into 2018 and you're wondering:

Am I doing all I can with my content marketing?

What content marketing changes do I need to know about?

Am I staying "on top of my game"?

Am I getting the right content marketing return on investment?

Should I outsource SEO content creation or bring it in house?

Do I need a new SEO content writer?

Do I know the best way to hire a professional writer?

What content marketing strategies am I lacking?

Am a creating the right content to reach the right customers?

As you move forward in the year, it's important that you are ever-evaluating these questions. Their answers will be unique to you and are largely driven by the emerging content types and strategies that will be disrupting the digital marketing world for years to come. Will you carve out your competitive edge in the future or remain trapped in the past? These 5 could make all the difference

Visual Content

Make SEO Content Writing Visual

This one will be absolutely no surprise, but it is so important to include it. We are very visual creatures. The way we lay out information on a page, the images we use, gifs, videos, infographics are becoming more important as consumers are overwhelmed by content.

There is an increased focus on visual content. for good reason. Visual content gets attention, keeps people engaged, quickly imparts information and multi-media may also improve rankings in Search.

We must become more visual but we must do it at the right price to get the right return on investment. This requires creativity, ingenuity and a understanding of the tools available to make content more visual.

Mapping Content to Sales Cycle

SEO Content Creation Sales Cycle Mapping

At each location in the sales cycle, different types of content make the biggest impact.

Getting Attention, Generating interest, converting, remarketing, inspiring loyalty and generating promoters -- we will further define the most effective content in each stage of the cycle and focus on reaching customer where they are with the right content type. We will put more focus on the latter 3 stages where we can achieve the greatest return on investment.

Customer Experience-Focused Content

Focusing more on the last 3 stages of the sales cycle -- remarketing, inspiring loyalty and generating promoters puts a heightened focus on the overall customer experience and empowering customers rather than coercing them. Customer experience is now the # 1 brand differentiator and businesses know it.

The Final Piece to the SEO Content Writing Puzzle

Businesses know that they will not survive without creating the right experience for their customers. In the coming years, everyone will continue to claim that they are creating the right customer experience but only the few with achieve it.

Those who integrate customer experience throughout every fiber of their organizations from development to production to customer care to sales to employee partnership will be able to stand apart from the competition. Content is a huge piece of this puzzle.


Storytelling Content Writer Freelance

Storytelling is huge. When done right, it reaches deep into our souls and makes us feel a part of something.

As a storyteller myself I’m a strong believer that every piece of content should tell a story and your company. It should create an experience. Sometimes this story is in narrative form and sometimes it is painting a picture of how to do things, how things work, etc. Stories keep people engaged. In a world of piece meal content without a plan, having a certain rhythm allows you to reach beyond words and images to communicate ideas on a very meaningful level.

User-Generated Content

User- Generated Content

They're why we do what we do. They're not just faceless numbers on our Google Analytics reports. They each have challenges, hopes and a story about how our service has helped them. They're our customers. Shouldn't they have a say in how we share our message?Wouldn't other customers want to hear for them? Harness this powerful tool.

Let your customer speak directly to potential customers through content. Facilitate new ways for them to share their experiences on your site through video, voice, blog, images,

It's time to get the right return on investment

SEO Content creation is more than just writing some SEO blogs and hoping for the best. It requires strategy and an understanding of how to meet objectives. Hire an SEO Content writer who get it and knows how to help you achieve success through content.

Visit our transparent pricing page. Choose the right content marketing package for you. Answer a few simple questions to get started. You can meet your goals with the right content.


Leigh Clayborne is a Hubspot certified freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years of healthcare management experience on 15+ years of creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

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