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The 5+ Content Marketing Changes That Every SEO Content Writer / Strategist Should Know

Updated Aug 2018

As featured in Quora

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What a difference a year makes!

Congratulations, you've made it well into 2018 and you're wondering:

Am I doing all I can with my content marketing?

What content marketing changes do I need to know about?

Am I staying "on top of my game"?

Am I getting the right content marketing return on investment?

Should I outsource SEO content creation or bring it in house?

Do I need a new SEO content writer?

Do I know the best way to hire a professional writer?

What content marketing strategies am I lacking?

Am a creating the right content to reach the right customers?

As you move forward in the year, it's important that you are ever-evaluating these questions. Their answers will be unique to you and are largely driven by the emerging content types and strategies that will be disrupting the digital marketing world for years to come. Will you carve out your competitive edge in the future or remain trapped in the past? These 5 could make all the difference

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