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How To Create a Killer Content Strategy in 300 Words or less.

Content Marketing Strategy

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Killer Content Marketing doesn't have to be rocket science.

There is a clear path to follow to develop the an amazing content strategy.

Here is an easy 12 step formula to build your rockstar content strategy.

  1. Make a commitment to yourself that Content is a long-term strategy, not a campaign.

  2. Know your target. Don’t assume. Do the research.

  3. Evaluate where you are now with this customer. Do they know who you are? Do they trust you? Do they think poorly of you? Are they curious about you? Meet them where they are.

  4. Study the competition. What are they doing? How do you differentiate? What can you do better?

  5. Identify Goals/Objectives. How do they relate to each other? Are they measurably, time-bound, etc. Content impact is not always directly evident, so what are the secondary and early indicators that show you that you are on the right track.

  6. Determine how you will meet your objectives

  7. Identify what content assets you need to meet them. Don't make one of these 5 silly mistakes when creating content.

  8. Take inventory of your content marketing tools. Which will best help you reach your objectives? I like free ones. But weigh your options. Many tools automate processes to save you serious time.

  9. Make sure you have the humans you need to get the work done. Can/should you outsource certain content marketing tasks based upon your (your team’s) strengths/weaknesses? Your ultimate goal is to create and distribute relevant content that your target audience loves and shares. This builds trust and increases revenues over time.