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Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs a SME.

Marketing Health

Updated Sept 2018

When we're developing our promotional strategy we can make a lot of assumptions about our target persona, the industry we are promoting, how things work and what works.

This can lead to a lot of wasted time in the board room and in the content creation room, which, in turn, is lost revenue for your company and/or client.

Because we are good at what you do, we are confident that we know what to do to succeed in any industry through learning and adaptation.

We know how to gain leads and convert sales. But we can't know everything. And we may be losing out on taking our Marketing Strategy to the next level because of what we don't know.

What could a SME (a subject matter expert) do the propel your content marketing strategy?

What is a SME?

Like many terms, it depends on your industry. We are constantly coming up with catchy little words and abbreviations that unfortunately mean something entirely different in a different industry. So in this case, I am talking about a Subject Matter Expert.

A SME knows a given industry, not because they went to school for it, but because they have worked extensively in that industry as a successful participant in that industry at various levels and in various capacities.

They've been on the ground floor, in the board room, solo projects, group projects, in educator and industry content development roles, management and front line.

They've networked with your target audience and know that industry inside and out.