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Power Up Your Marketing Strategy With High Inspiration Interval Targeting

High Intensity Interval Training for Business

Updated Sept 2018

Your business is your life. Not because you race endlessly on the proverbial office rat wheel. But because you built something that you love. This passion drove you to take that fearless step into the realm of business ownership. And that same passion drives you forward, energizing your every move toward success. But are you running a marathon or sprinting? Perhaps it depends on the day. Between bookkeeping, promotions, content marketing, customer loyalty programs, member acquisition, building maintenance -- some days you are just running to catch up. Your marketing plan should be as energized as you are. It should work smarter -- not harder -- to get the results you seek. So snap on your heart rate monitor, set your stopwatch app and get ready for a High Intensity Interval Training Session for your business. With a Hiit workout plan we can get Hiit results for business.

What is High Intensity Interval Training

To consider why we should market the way we workout, let's first look at what Hiit Training is and why it's effective. High intensity interval training is alternating bursts of intense activity with more "relaxed" activity. Because of the high and low burst alternation, your heart rate remains elevated for a longer period of time than either the low burst or high burst activity could achieve alone.

Depending on your current fitness level that might be speed walking alternating with jogging, jogging alternating with some serious burpees or squats. Hiit workouts typically involve the whole body so you're not just working your arms or leg; your entire body is getting into it and benefiting from the action.

In fact, leading scientific researchers and institutions support the benefits of the high intensity workout. While there are many, many benefits, the Mayo Clinic sums them up with these four:

  • Burn more calories

  • Improve aerobic capacity (endurance)

  • Avoid Boredom

  • Don't need special equipment

In other words you stay motivated and get results. Whether it's lean muscle, speed, stamina for long distances or bulking up, you can achieve it. You just have to design the right Hiit plan to reach your goals. Body builders and