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Power Up Your Marketing Strategy With High Inspiration Interval Targeting

High Intensity Interval Training for Business

Updated Sept 2018

Your business is your life. Not because you race endlessly on the proverbial office rat wheel. But because you built something that you love. This passion drove you to take that fearless step into the realm of business ownership. And that same passion drives you forward, energizing your every move toward success. But are you running a marathon or sprinting? Perhaps it depends on the day. Between bookkeeping, promotions, content marketing, customer loyalty programs, member acquisition, building maintenance -- some days you are just running to catch up. Your marketing plan should be as energized as you are. It should work smarter -- not harder -- to get the results you seek. So snap on your heart rate monitor, set your stopwatch app and get ready for a High Intensity Interval Training Session for your business. With a Hiit workout plan we can get Hiit results for business.

What is High Intensity Interval Training

To consider why we should market the way we workout, let's first look at what Hiit Training is and why it's effective. High intensity interval training is alternating bursts of intense activity with more "relaxed" activity. Because of the high and low burst alternation, your heart rate remains elevated for a longer period of time than either the low burst or high burst activity could achieve alone.

Depending on your current fitness level that might be speed walking alternating with jogging, jogging alternating with some serious burpees or squats. Hiit workouts typically involve the whole body so you're not just working your arms or leg; your entire body is getting into it and benefiting from the action.

In fact, leading scientific researchers and institutions support the benefits of the high intensity workout. While there are many, many benefits, the Mayo Clinic sums them up with these four:

  • Burn more calories

  • Improve aerobic capacity (endurance)

  • Avoid Boredom

  • Don't need special equipment

In other words you stay motivated and get results. Whether it's lean muscle, speed, stamina for long distances or bulking up, you can achieve it. You just have to design the right Hiit plan to reach your goals. Body builders and Runners alike can reap the benefits.

But you knew all that. So let's talk about how a Hiit mindset can propel your marketing plan and your business.

What is your business Fitness Level

Just like you personally have a fitness level so does your business. You are always pushing your fitness level to new heights because you know that if you are not moving forward, you're falling behind. There is no running in place in fitness. And there certainly is no such thing in your business. Competition doesn't stop; nor can you. Your business fitness level is determined by

  • Financial Health (what you look like on paper)

  • Brand Health (recognition, retention, repeat business, loyalty, etc.)

As we know these are often interdependent on each other. If we have a poor financial fitness level, it can be difficult to invest in our brand. If our brand is suffering, membership drops, revenues drop, customer acquisition costs go up and we're bleeding once loyal customers without a tourniquet. Sorry for the visual, but you get the point. And it can happen in an instant.

Putting HIIT Marketing strategies to work for you

But how can you keep up? You can't run your business at your maximum "beats per minute" non-stop even though many days it feels like you could. And you can't put it on auto-pilot either or you will quickly be overtaken by your rivals. But you can apply Hiit Marketing Strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Let's first look at a common high/low intensity pair. What are the strengths and weaknesses of marathon style marketing and sprint style marketing (analogies only. In no way related to any companies or strategies by same name).

Marathon Style Marketing

Slow and steady. Sometimes it does win the race. But move too slowly and too steadily and the business growth is nearly non-existent. You're paddling in a swamp to conserve your energy for the long haul. But you're not really getting anywhere.

People get complacent, both employees and customers. It's just more of the same, nothing new, no excitement, no push. The constant drone on the same ads and strategies speaking at customers and disingenuously trying to be their best friend just becomes background noise.

Sprint Style Marketing

You opened up and hit the door running. You feel energized and ready to take on the world. But the challenge that arises with a sprint marketing strategy is knowing when enough is enough. The benefits from a marketing campaign can often be delayed, making is difficult to measure effectiveness. This can lead to stopping at inopportune times and a mindset of "I'm so far ahead I can take a break in between sprints".

But the problem is that the business world around us doesn't stop moving. You cannot possibly move from sprint to sprint and even if you did, after a while the non-stop high intensity just looks normal and customers expect it. You stop and suddenly they wonder where you went. Are you even still open? Or worse they forget you existed at all.

The HIIT HYBRID is the answer

An effective Hiit Marketing Strategy relies on the strengths of both a marathon and sprint strategy without carrying around its weaknesses. By alternating laser-focused high intensity bursts with equally targeted and strategic low intensity bursts you develop a winning strategy of consistency yet spontaneity. What does this mean in marketing terms?

... Primarily, properly balancing content creation with content curation.

These two together get target audience attention and keep it. Your target customer both develops a comfort in knowing what you're all about while remaining on edge about what you'll do next. This leaves a lasting impression that converts to sales and customer loyalty. This gives you the quick bursts of success that you need to support a healthy bottom line and strong brand recognition now while keeping you on an upward trajectory. No super novas or shooting star comparisons for you. With the right Hiit fitness strategy you burn bright while conserving fuel for the long trek of success. A Hiit Plan is about spending your time and money wisely to achieve lasting success.

Putting a HIIT Content Marketing Strategy to Work for You

According to Forbes Magazine, it's time to double down on content marketing. It's what drives businesses forward. A winning content marketing strategy starts with great content, derived from knowing your customer, where they are and what they want to see. But without the right execution that content will fall flat. Supercharge your marketing strategy with Hiit strategies custom designed for your business. Contact Already Content today. Engage. Inspire. The right content makes a lasting impression.


Leigh Clayborne is a Hubspot certified freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years of healthcare management experience on 15+ years of creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

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