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How to Ask Patients For Reviews

How do I get Better Reviews

In modern times, our businesses thrive or thrash based upon what's being said about us in social media, yelp reviews, blogs posts, news articles and everywhere else you can imagine.

We're no longer simply telling our neighbors we've had a bad experience at the doctor's office; we're telling anyone and everyone online.

Did you know that 92% of consumers now check online reviews before choosing a new service provider. That includes Doctors.

Asking for reviews, however, can seem awkward or even shameful. Shouldn't patients who love you just write good reviews automatically?

For more on responding to bad reviews, you can check out our Responding to Bad Reviews Infographic here.

Reputation management strategy for doctors

In this piece, let's focus on a reputation management strategy to help get more good reviews. But the 2 are very intertwined.

You know that the happy patients exist. You see them every day. So getting them to say something is what you really want.

Asking for reviews takes some strategy and precision -- but no e