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How to Create Shareable Content

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Creating shareable content is about connecting and adding value to the lives of others.

Sometimes it seems like this should be easy for someone in a niche or business.

But it isn’t always that obvious even to the professional SEO content writer. Knowing how to create shareable content within a niche takes knowledge, research & analytics skills and practice.

Let's explore what makes content shareable.

The Topic

It all starts here. If you don't have shareable topics, it's impossible to create shareable content.

These are not my exclusive sources, but I like to use the Q& A sites Quora and Reddit to generate topic ideas. It's important to realize that they're only the starting point. Out from 1 topic a 10 might emerge.

If you have a keyword strategy for your SEO, you can use it to locate topics that will align well with your business and SEO strategy.

With these sites, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. But there’s also a lot of “noise” and may be thousands of topics.

You need to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak to focus your efforts on the most share. To do this give yourself some criteria.

You’re looking for topics that:

  1. Answer important questions about your business/industry

  2. Get a lot of views and follows

  3. Are answered by thought leaders & influencers (people with lots of followers). If a thought leader answered it then it’s probably important

Share Psychology - Why Do People Share

Creating shareable content is more than just finding the right topics. You need to use share psychology. Why do people share things?

  1. People share to be liked

  2. People share because they want to be first to show someone something new

  3. People share because they emotionally connect with the message in the post

  4. People share to support causes

  5. People share to feel like a part of something

  6. People share because they relate to your brand

  7. People share to stay connected with others

  8. People share because they want others to “get” them

  9. People share to be helpful to others

When creating content, both web content and social media post, keep these in minds to learn how to create shareable content.

Share Psychology - The Social Media Headline

Next, we get into the headline.

20th century marketing legend David Ogilvy said that 80 cents of every dollar should go to creating the headline because 80% of people will see the headline while only 20% will take a closer look.

In 21st century concepts, this includes email subject lines, social media posts, meta titles.

Invest some time into creating a headline that deserves a share even if the person doesn't actually click through to view further content. 59% of content is shared without the person even reading/viewing any more than the headline.

Social Media Headline best practices include:

  • Avoid Clickbait -- search engines and social media are cracking down on misleading headlines and images used to earn clicks. Besides, these don't invoke trust. You need trust to earn a customer.

  • Avoid Worn Out Socks -- It's okay to use headline templates as long as you mix it up a lot. But most people just glaze over when they see another headline that says the Top 10 reasons you...

  • Be Unique but Familiar -- People respond to uniqueness, so vary your titles and avoid overdone ones. Unique titles make people pause to take a closer look. The title should have lots of words that connect with people because they're familiar, but the title shouldn't be overdone. These are 11+ things I learned the hard way my 1st year in HVAC.

  • Keep it short


It doesn't have to be a scary word. In fact, it should be a content creator's best friend.

Despite what professional SEO content writers & strategists would like to claim, every piece of content creation isn't golden. But what we can claim is that we utilize industry analytics tools to identify which pieces are getting the most action.

We then identify what sets them apart. And we create more content like it.

Some of the free tools of the trade include:

  • Google Analytics

  • Social media analytics tools (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)

  • Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster (same tool but for different search engines)

What would you add to tips on creating more shareable content? How have these tips served you as a content creator? I'd love to hear from you.

Leigh Clayborne is a Hubspot certified freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years healthcare management experience on 15+ years creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

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