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How to Hire a Content Marketer For Your Business

How to Hire a Content Strategist

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How do you hire the best content marketer for small business?

How do you find a content marketer who gets results that you can see and feel -- not just numbers on a spreadsheet. You do this by being informed about what you need and what great content marketers look like.

  • What goals does a content marketer have

  • How do these goals meet your ultimate goals

  • How skills are required to be an effective content marketer

  • Where can you find the best content marketers for small business

  • How do you proceed with screening and hiring

The Primary Goals of a Content Marketer

First, it is important to understand some basics about what a content marketer does. This will help you in your efforts to hire the right person for the job,

Here are the 4 primary goals of a content marketer

  1. create/expand brand recognition

  2. build/maintain trust

  3. increase average CLV (customer lifetime value)

  4. generate promoters

A comprehensive content marketing strategy will address all of these, but if you know that you have strengths or weaknesses in a certain area, you may want there to be a focus.