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25+ Marketing Blog Topics to Generate Qualified Leads in Marketing

Lead-Generation for Marketers
Lead-Generation for Marketers

As digital marketers we spend a lot of time generating ideas for marketing campaigns.

We know how to research and analyze. We can create the perfect sales funnel. We can optimize for conversions.

We deliver effective content to meet marketing goals for our clients.

But when it comes to our own marketing blog topics and funnels, it suddenly gets complicated. We're in one of the most competitive industries that exists.

Our competition isn't local. It's often global. Attracting and nurturing leads gets expensive and time-consuming. That's why generating qualified leads in marketing is so important.

Shorten the sales cycle. Attract people who want to buy services now and are willing to spend more. 57% of the buyer's journey (the point at which they become qualified) is done before they contact your company as they're reviewing your online content.

The marketing blog topics you'll find in this article won't just give you 25 things to write about. It will become an invaluable resource that helps you generate infinite blog topics that generate qualified leads for marketing.

1. "DIYers" Topics

Everyone today thinks they can market. They see all of these online tools and read a few blogs. It leaves them feeling like an expert.

Some of your readers will take what you share on your blog. They'll be able to run with it. But the vast majority of people will not or they don't really have the time or skills to do it.

Over 50% of Marketing DIYers are trying to save money.

Lead-generation tools

Leverage this desire to engage in DIY marketing to attract someone who is very much in need of your service. Show them how much they actually save when they work with someone with the tools and skills.

And once many of them figure out the time and money investment required to DIY, especially when you're not an expert, they'll be coming to you.

Create in-depth how-to's for the average business person in your target audience. Don't feel that you need to hide anything. It will become clear quickly that they need a professional.

Don't take this opportunity to insult their intelligence. Don't try to over-complicate things, like those commercials that try to show how hard it is to change a cat's litter box by intentionally spilling litter all over the floor.

Seriously, just tell it how it is in the simplest terms possible. They'll get the message loud and clear.

Target people trying to DIY various tasks. Build a lead-generation sales funnel around the content to draw them in for nurturing and remarketing.

You can generate a lot of qualified leads in marketing with marketing blog topics like these. But it's important to reach people in various places along the buyer's journey.

Check out24 more marketing blog topics to keep your topic-generation spreadsheets and publishing calendar always full.

2. "How Much Does It Cost"

How much does what cost? That's what you'll answer.

You can create some in-depth, long-form content that explains what costs are involved. What determines the cost?

How do costs change based on various scenarios? How can you keep costs low?

How Much Do Qualified Leads Cost?

These are qualified leads in marketing once you capture that lead. People who are ready to buy a service now want to know how much something costs.

You won't list your actual pricing in here. That may change. But you will explain what they're paying for with general estimates.

These help prepare them for the reality of what marketing costs.

Business now spend over 12% of Revenues on marketing.

You and I both know they could be doing better with the right strategies in place.

Subtly encourage them to save money by working with a professional marketer who can optimize and keep costs low.

Remember, this isn't one topic for one marketing blog post. Do one for each of your services, SEO, PPC, Web design, etc. Break bigger topics down like one for Facebook Ads, Pinterest ads, etc.

3. "How Fast Does It Work"

People want to know how fast various types of marketing work. Some get nearly immediate results if you run an effective campaign.

Others, like brand building, SEO and building a social media following, take time. But they pay your back in dividends if you maintain them.

Discuss each type of digital marketing service you offer using individual marketing blog topics that describe what to expect in terms of timeframes for each.

Don't forget to discuss the long-term returns on investment.

4. "How Do I Cut Costs"

Each of these marketing blog topics will have some overlap. That's okay. The vast majority of readers skim blog posts for what they're looking for anyway.

Someone who is struggling with their DIY marketing efforts wants to know how to cut costs. This person is in a prime position to need your services. This is the perfect place to meet them in the buyer's journey. Generate more qualified leads in marketing.

Go into detail about automation and ad relevance and negative keywords. Share with them how to save time and money.

Remind them that time is money. If they're saving money but it takes more time, that's not efficient. Your marketing services are the answer to that.

Think about every aspect of what you do. Note how a person who doesn't have the marketing tools you have would need to do it manually.

Subtly sell them on the fact that a digital marketing service has the tools to keep costs low. They're often cost prohibitive for a small to medium size business.

5. "What's the ROI"

Business leaders always want to know the ROI. You get it. If their customer acquisition costs are too high, then they can't stay in business.

Talk about the short-term and long-term ROIs on various marketing efforts in various industries your target.

Don't just stick to financial ROI. ROI can come in many forms that ultimately help the business cut costs and increase profits.

6. "What Should I Do In My Industry"

The more relevant you can be to a specific industry the better. What applies for healthcare, may not make sense for a marketing firm. Revisit those buyer personas you want to target.

Pull industry-specific data and build your content around an industry audience.

Look at the marketing blog topics you've already written for a general audience. Now, re-write it, adding scenarios, language and tips that make it seem more relevant and personal to someone in that industry.

7. "Concept Demystification"

Where do you start? There are tons of terms and concepts that people want to understand. That's not just any people. These are your qualified marketing leads.

Lead-Generation Magnet

What is SEO? What is PPC? What is Digital Marketing? What is AdWords Quality Score? What are Backlinks & Why Do I Need Them?

You could really come up with endless marketing blog topics in this one category. But variety is important, Start looking at the questions your existing clients are asking. Answer them in your blog in detailed, long-form content that search engines love.

It's great for SEO and can also help cut your client management costs. You have content to direct people to. They can find that content through search engines more easily online.

8. Small Business Topics

You know that small business is a different animal. Build marketing blog topics specifically around the needs of a small business owner to generate qualified leads in marketing among this target audience.

60% of small businesses aren't capable of tracking

their digital marketing ROI.

That's certainly something you could help them out with.

9. Local Business Topics

Local business is another sub-category that needs attention. Local SEO and targeting locally on social media platforms are important for local businesses to keep costs low.

Share the specifics of marketing a local business.

10. This Vs That

Business buyers are always trying to decide between one or the other. Social Media or AdWords Ads? PPC or SEO? The choices seem overwhelming. But unlike a kid in a candy store, too many choices just leave them confused and unsatisfied.

Marketing Blog Topics People Love

They often don't realize that these work together. Help them understand the pros and cons of each and how they work together to get results.

11. What Tools Do I Need

You know the tools. You have paid tools you use. You also know about the free ones. Marketing blog topics like these are a great opportunity to share how marketing tools save you time and money while helping you build and optimize better marketing campaigns.

As you're attracting these highly qualified leads in marketing, share the true cost of tools and their importance. Digital marketing companies like yours can afford these tools because you spread the costs out among many clients.

Without these tools you know it's hard to compete.

Build marketing blog topics around:

  • Automation

  • Segmentation

  • Keyword Ranking

  • Competitor analysis

  • Content Curation

  • Social Media Analysis

  • SEO analysis

  • And more

12. How Does It Benefit Me

Your target audience wants to know. What are the benefits? They want to know about the really tangible ones like revenues and profits. But it's good to share the less tangibles in these marketing blog topics.

Share your top 10 or 20 benefits from the clients perspective to generate qualified leads.

13. What Are the Pitfalls

It may seem negative. But people who are your most likely clients want you to help them avoid common pitfalls.

Marketing blog topics like these are the perfect time to demonstrate your expertise while gently guiding them away from the pitfall of trying to do it themselves.

14. Why's It Important

Why is what important? You name it.

Why is targeting important? Why is keeping your Quality Score up Important? Why is SEO important? Why is working with an expert important? Why is keyword research important?

There are so many very important elements to digital marketing. The average person can waste a lot of time and money because they don't know what's important.

Understanding what's important helps a person come to the realization that they need your digital marketing services.

Capture these qualified leads in marketing as they're drawn to marketing blog topics they're looking for online.

15. Case Studies

Want to know how to generate B2B leads? Case studies are the way to do it. Especially if those case studies are your own.

Document your real results with clients. Share how you did it. Only keep your trade secrets to yourself. Your qualified leads won't be able to replicate most of it.

But they will want you to do it for them.

Save some of your most impressive case studies for lead-gen.

57% of B2B buyers will happily exchange info for a great case study.

16. Best Examples Of

People love to see examples of what's working for brands. Compile a list and share why the campaign was so effective.

Best social media contests? Best AdWords Campaigns? Best PR? Best Lead Generation Campaigns? Best Video Ads of 2019.

You undoubtedly know what's working in the industry. Show that you stay current on trends and effective strategies in the industries where your most qualified leads in marketing live and work.

17. Impressive Stats They Need to Know

People can't find interesting stats all over. But your target doesn't have time to hunt them down. You can just list a bunch of stats. But this is usually best for an audience of marketing professionals.

To generate qualified leads in marketing through your marketing blog topics, you need to give them more.

Bring important, current stats together. Show the connections between them. Explain and demonstrate their significance to your target. You might even find some significant gaps between what science says works and what people are doing.

For example,

A landing page without a menu has a 200% higher conversion rate.

Yet 70% of landing pages have a menu on them.

That's great insight. You just shared a significant competitive advantage.

What more do you have to share to help a client achieve their marketing goals? They'll want to find out.

18. How Do I Get the Best ROI

In addition to knowing what to expect in terms of ROI, your target audience wants to know how to optimize you get the best ROI.

Share some of your tactics. In most cases, the average person won't be able to mimic it. They turn to you to execute effective strategies.

But don't make this all about you. Do the research and share what successful industry leaders are saying and doing.

96% of B2b Buyers want to hear more from thought leaders

who are getting it right.

19. How Do I Hire

Be careful with marketing blog topics like these. They can easily get overly promotional. And you lose credibility. But your target audience wants to know how to hire people who do what you do.

How to hire an AdWords specialist? How to hire a content writer? How to hire an SEO? How to hire a Social Media Manager?

Share what to look for. Give them some specific interview questions. Go into the pitfalls of poor hiring. Show your own company in the best light without saying that you're talking about yourself.

20. How Do I Know I Hired Right

This is a great place to reach your target audience. They're thinking they may have made a bad hiring decision. Or they've been burned before.

Share what it's like to work with a professional in the various areas of digital marketing. How do they know they've chosen right?

Take the opportunity to share how you work with clients and get results without specifically mentioning your company.

21. What Should I Measure

Analytics can get seriously overwhelming. But you know what important. Build marketing blog topics around specific metrics and create lists of metrics for the various types of digital marketing.

When your target audience better understand what to measure, they'll understand that what they're doing isn't working.

Turn this person into a highly qualified lead for marketing services.

22. How Do I Increase/Decrease...

There are always things to increase or decrease in Internet marketing.

How do I Increase the Number of Positive Reviews? How do I decrease negative sentiment on Twitter? How do I decrease customer care or marketing costs? How do I increase profits?

23. How to Target with

Targeting is a fundamental in marketing. But most business owners don't understand that targeting too broad will wipe out your budget.

Share the importance of targeting. Talk about how to target on Facebook and Instagram? How do you target on AdWords? How do you target with SEO?

You get the picture.

24. How Do I Manage My Reputation

You understand how important the reputation is.

Over 80% of people now look at reviews before making a buy decision.

People need to know how to:

  • Diminish the impact of a negative articles

  • Get more good reviews

  • Respond effectively to bad reviews

Share what you know to provide very useful information to your target.

25. How It All Works Together

One of the most important marketing blog topics you can cover is how it all works together. It's not SEO vs PPC. You need both to cuts costs and get a better ROI on your marketing.

AdWords and Facebook can work together. Discuss the importance of comprehensive strategies and how to maximize results through multiple channels without spreading yourself too thin.

26. How, Why When to Split Test

We do split tests for Adwords. We do A/Bs for landing pages. We test social media posts. We even test content styles and strategies.

But most small businesses miss this essential piece of marketing.

Walk customers through how to split test and win on the various marketing assets. Show them just how much goes into creating one awesome ad.


Showcase your people and what they do. Share their strengths and triumphs. While this may not be a weekly piece, it serves two very important purposes.

1. It shows the human side of marketing. You are real people working for real clients.

2. It helps build a stronger team at your agency. People feel recognized and rewarded.

Marketing Blog Topics That Generate Qualified Leads

Focusing on these 25+ marketing blog topics will help you generate more qualified leads through your website. Apply your SEO best practices to become more visible in searches as you're writing on topics people are looking for.

Capture those leads through your clearly defined sales funnels. And nurture them to develop loyal clients and promoters.

Do you need someone to help you keep your marketing blog current with topics that attract more qualified leads through search engines and social media? Contact me today.


Leigh Clayborne is a Hubspot certified freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years of healthcare management experience on 15+ years of creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

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