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5 Solid Reasons to Outsource Content Creation

How to Outsource Content Creation

You put a solid content marketing strategy in place.

You and your team spent sleepless nights developing the best editorial calendar anyone has ever seen. But now, you get to work executing an effective content marketing strategy. And suddenly, meeting the demands and deadlines necessary seems an objective that's just can't be reached. Or maybe your content just isn't converting like it "used to".

So you are at the point of asking: Should I outsource content creation? Is it better to have an inbound marketing, content marketing, SEO content writer on the payroll or work with a contract content creator? It's important to ask these questions sooner rather than later, after your objectives begin falling by the way side.

The answer will be very unique to your business needs, so it is important to know what to consider. Here are 5 reasons that you should outsource content creation.

Your Time is Worth More than Money

Time is Money

As business leaders, we know that we can't do everything. There is that point at which the time it would take us to do something ourselves would cost us more than hiring someone else, who can do it in less time and likely with better results.

Knowing exactly when this point is reached isn't easy. Even though you are not likely an hourly employee, one of the easiest ways to think about it is by comparing how much your labor is worth to your department or company at an hourly rate.