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101 Healthcare Blog Topics | Creative Things to Write About in Your Health & Wellness Blog

Learn how to generate endless health and wellness blog topics with this post.

Are you marketing healthcare, nutrition, wellness, or fitness?

In the beginning, it seems blog post ideas are endless. But with time, you're left wondering where to take your readers next, and blog ideas fall flat.

A health and wellness blog is a great opportunity to help people and establish yourself or your business as a thought leader,

influencer, and trusted health brand.

Healthcare blog topics

But it's also work, as we regular blog writers know.

It's easy to feel uninspired and discouraged.

And let's be honest.

If you're not engaged, neither will your readers.

If you're struggling to find great things to write about in your next health and wellness blog post, then your readers can feel that desperation. Yikes!

So BIG Spoiler: I'm not just going to give you 101 blog post ideas for your health and wellness blog that will dry up once you write 101. Instead, I'm going to help you get your creative juices flowing by discussing 38 types of topics health wellness brands can and should cover.

So you'll have more than 101 blog ideas. I want you to have infinite blog post ideas and feel inspired to take your content next level.

Let's get to it.

1. Start with a Problem

When people are searching for health and wellness content online--whether it's mental health, emotional health, physical health, or the realization that it's all part of holistic health--they may not know the solution yet.

So what do they do? They start with research about what health challenges and symptoms mean.

Wellness blog topics

If you're a medical professional, you may cringe at the idea of helping people self-diagnose. But just consider how much misinformation is out there.

When you provide reliable information that helps people make better health decisions, you can encourage them to get checked out by a professional.

The alternative: blog posts that leave them feeling they don't need a doctor for certain conditions when someone absolutely sees one.

Offer an authoritative source for correct information in a sea of online nonsense, from trendy self care hacks that don't work to dangerous at-home remedies.

Consider your blog's niche or the products/services you provide. What health challenges do they solve?

Target narrowly but think broadly because people are don't just have one health challenge.

If you're a weight loss clinic or coach, the problem isn't just being overweight.

It's the symptoms and challenges with diabetes, high blood pressure, body image, circulation, low energy, poor self-esteem, overcoming obstacles, etc. It's metabolic syndrome and cravings. You can hit it all in your blog posts.

You'll find so many great things to write about when you start from this angle. But a dynamic website applies a comprehensive topic selection strategy that speaks about health from many sides.

This not only better engages your audience. It keeps you interested and inspired as you're creating content.

Let's look at the next angle every health wellness influencer should cover.

2. Talk Prevention

Consumers, particularly the 20-30-somethings, are fed up with a healthcare system that is reactive rather than proactive. They want to understand the complex cause and effect relationship in health.

They understand that diet and lifestyle influence their health more than prescription drugs or procedures ever will.

Depending on the type of health and wellness business you have, you may be thinking that speaking about prevention will lose business rather than gain it.

Won't fewer people need your service if with blog post ideas like these?

The truth is that learning about prevention and consistently applying strategies are two very different things. When you reach people in the prevention stage, you'll also be top of mind if/when they decide they need professional intervention.

This isn't hoping for sicker patients. It's just a reality that many patients will face. You'll be there to support them when they need it.

3. Find the News Angle

Most of the great things to write about on a health blog will be more timeless pieces. This evergreen content helps people today and years from now.

But there's also great value in trendy pieces. A comprehensive blogging strategy should include these kinds of blog post ideas.

Covering trendy news stories:

  • Gets a lot of attention quickly, although it may be short-lived. This gives people a window into your website where they'll find more content to fall in love with.

  • Get more shares than other content. Turn your fans into promoters with this trendy content.

  • Get more visibility on social media. Find some relevant hashtags and write a great social media headline to get new fans through trending news topics.

Be on the lookout for news stories about:

  • A celebrity with a medical condition you can relate to your site. People want to know what it is.

  • Recently completed studies that will interest your audience

  • About product recalls

Find the ones that you can align with your brand. Create the content quickly when the moment strikes.

Publish it. And share it on social media.

4. Gather Statistics

Curate some interesting stats. Create a top health statistic list your target audience with enjoy. Help put the statistics into perspective for your viewers.

Not only do people love stats, but these are also very linkable content. Earn more backlinks for your SEO to gain visibility in search engines.

5. Discuss Health initiatives and Studies

Think CDC WHO, ADA, AMA, etc.

Did the American Heart Association just start a new initiative? Has a certain country just increased funding for a certain type of study?

Speak about the significance of this initiative, potential outcomes, and how it may influence society and/or policy.

These kinds of creative things to write about in health and wellness blogs demonstrate that you stay very current. You know what's happening in the world.

People can turn to you as a source of up-to-date information. That's a great reputation to have as a successful blog and thought leader.

A blog about health and well-being is a testament to your knowing about the latest news and information. Showcase this by discussing these topics.

People will turn to you for current information since you summarize it so well and bring it all into one place.

6. Bizarre Conditions

Get bizarre. Talk about the weird stuff that's really rare.

Don't suggest that it's more common than it is. But people are intrigued by some of the odd conditions that can plague the human body or our furry friends.

7. Demographic-Specific Care

Readers are always looking for more relevant and personalized content. Some demographics are more likely to suffer from certain conditions.

For example, I follow Thomas Delauer on YouTube. He often shares fasting and keto tips specifically for women, along with the science of why these are uniquely important for women. There are some biological differences to consider, so he addresses these.

A lot of health advice out there is generic as if the same thing will work for everyone, so I appreciate it when someone takes the time to look at how different people may respond differently to certain health advice.

Some common demographics that can make a difference in health advice are:

  • Sex

  • Age

  • Race

  • Socioeconomic situation (not everyone can afford your $17 per ounce health powder)

  • Location

If someone has a certain condition, best medical practice may be different for an infant vs. a 10-year-old vs. an 80-year-old.

Or some conditions may be more prevalent among a certain race of people. Uterine fibroids among Black women is a great example of that.

Hearing loss or other disabilities are more common among certain professions. You can build a piece around that demographic.

People are always looking for content that is more personalized and relevant to them.

To take a different angle when looking for creative things to write about, build a piece around a specific smaller demographic.

8. Awareness Months & Events

Diabetes Awareness Month. Alzheimer's Awareness. The March of Dimes Run.

Medical causes often have times and events centered around them.

People interested in the cause will be looking for information. Get a calendar and build content around these events.

How about 10 things to know about Alzheimer's Before Memory Walk 2019?

9. Curate Information

Information is scattered across the Internet. People appreciate it when someone compiles it and makes it more easily digestible.

Pick a broad topic. Start curating the best of it. Summarize it for your readers. Always cite these sources.

10. Explain a Breakthrough Discovery

Has something really excited just been discovered in your health and wellness industry? Is there a new procedure just approved by the FDA?

People want to know about it. Write about it in your health and wellness blog.

11. Create Some Top 10 Best Lists

You know your industry. You know what's best. In some cases, you may not want to directly promote certain brands. In other cases, this is very helpful to your readers.

Try some products and write in-depth reviews. Compare and contrast.

Write up the pros and cons. Or just talk about why certain products are best.

If you were paid to mention a brand, make sure you disclose your connection.

12. Keep People Current on Strange Trends

What's the latest in your industry? People are doing what to look younger?!

Some of the most creative things to write about in healthcare blogs include the new, latest, and weirdest stuff people are doing for their health.

13. Create a Poll & Share the Results

Poll your readers on various health topics that people care about. You might build one piece of content around one poll question. Share what it means in the greater context of things.

Some of the most creative things to write about in healthcare start will a single simple poll answer.

Or talk about the poll results as a whole in a long-form content piece.

14. Showcase People's Stories

Be HIPAA-compliant, of course.

Solicit health stories from your audience that you can share. You might choose to change key facts to avoid disclosing who the person is.

Or the person may like the attention.

People love success stories and tear-jerkers. They want to see that others are going through the same things they are.

Use your storytelling skills to build interest and suspense before sharing the individual's path to healing.

Or set down some standards and request that your readers submit their own stories in their words.

The person, the piece, is about will likely share this content with others. You'll earn new fans in the process.

15. Showcase a Holiday or Event

There are all kinds of Awareness Months that will apply to your writing.

Each month, there's some holiday that people will be talking about. You might not choose to build content around every holiday. But select some of the top ones that your target likely celebrates.

Relate it back to a healthy reminder of some kind of tips for having a healthy and safe holiday.

For example, New Year and Fourth of July are great times for a hearing specialist to remind people about protecting their hearing.

If you write a mental health blog, it may be time to talk about PTSD among veterans around this time of the year.

If you are an Urgent Care Center, talk about prevention and treatment of firework-related burns.

You get the idea.

16. Interview a Thought Leader, Influencer

Don't make your blog all about yourself. Network with peers to nab an interview. You can find lots of people to interview who aren't competitors.

Offer to exchange interviews so that both of you can increase your audiences by posting each other's interviews on the other's websites.

Or talk to a celebrity that your audience will know about a health condition they have.

If a known celebrity is battling depression, they may appreciate the opportunity to share their struggle with your fans and help others battling the condition.

17. Get Silly Clever

"This is Why Ariana Grande Would Make a Great Dentist"

Silly and creative blog topics like these get attention. People want to read and share them.

They're made for social media. It doesn't even have to make a whole lot of sense as a whole.

It seems like it's just for fun. But you can end it with a serious reminder to brush and floss. Be sure never to create a piece that might appear libelous or embarrass the celebrity.

Make it light-hearted and feel like a fan piece. If the celeb reads it, they should be able to laugh about it and go, "that's so true".

It might even get back to the person you're writing about. They may like it and share it with their fans or comment on your website.

What a great way to get tons of free promotion!

18. Do a "This Week in the News"

Instead of doing an in-depth piece on a single news story, do a collection of recent industry news events.

Keep people informed.

19. Showcase an Employee

These resonate well with your loyal fans and customers. They show that you value your employees.

Showcase one of your nurses, medical aids, or the receptionist.

Share a bit about their background, what they love to do, and more -- with permission, of course.

20. Create Some Funny Mistakes Lists

People make all kinds of funny mistakes with their health. And some aren't so funny. But they serve as a good warning.

He thought that the superglue was his eyedrops?! Ouch!

She tried to treat her RA with what?!

You've probably heard some weird home remedies or oopsies that will make for interesting things to write about in healthcare.

These blog topics are very shareable and can even go viral.

21. Add Some How-To's

Step-by-step how-to's are a staple in any successful blogging strategy. Consider what your target audience wants to know. Guide them through it.

If it requires pictures, take them to help your reader Do-it-yourself.

22. Explain Scientific Concepts

A lot of people don't realize what a good scientific study entails. They hear about observational studies or very small studies or surveys. They don't realize like you do that not all studies hold the same weight.

Because of it, they may be jumping from one health bandwagon to the next with disastrous results.

Explain and share the importance of peer review and having a control in the study.

Talk about what double-blind studies are and what a placebo is. Explain the difference between correlation and causation.

Give them tools to use. Help them determine if a study was performed well and whether the results can be generalized to the larger public.

Sometimes small studies only shed light on something. It needs further studies to prove something.

Not only does building content around creative things to write about like this help your readers develop a healthy skepticism regarding what they read on the Internet.

It demonstrates that if you're covering a blog topic, you've applied a healthy dose of skepticism and consider the validity and reliability of that study.

It builds trust.

23. Demystify Studies

Go in-depth, building content around an interesting study.

Most studies are written in language that the average person won't understand. Make findings more accessible to your audience.

Explain how the study was performed and what it suggests.

24. Healthy Recipes

When you're in the health business, what a person eats will always come up. Create some week-long meal plans or share some of your favorite recipes.

Remember to give credit if it's not your own invention.

25. Workout Plans

Exercises and workout plans can complement any health and wellness blog. People and search engines love them.

Again, you can share the plans of others with credit. Or develop your own.

26. Get Personal

Share an inspiring story about something that inspired you to start your own wellness or lifestyle business.

Write a story about your lifestyle and what you recommend to your reader. Tell us what you love and the way various wellness solutions helped you.

Make it personal by discussing the hurdles you had to overcome to get where you are now.

27. Blog Topics that EARN Link Love

Share links to some of the best stories from the week. Give each one a quick intro and what you enjoyed so that your audience knows what they should expect.

These could include health-related:

  • Recipes

  • Foods

  • Films

  • Apps

  • Things to do in X city

  • Videos

  • YouTube channels

  • Podcasts

  • Influencers to follow on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Not only are you supporting the health wellness community. The people associated with the brands you share may want to link to your list. Links are so important for SEO, so this serves a dual function--improving Google search visibility and informing/entertaining your readership.

28. Lifestyle Blog Topics

Share your grocery receipt or show them what's in your online cart to show what you regularly buy to eat healthily. Take them on a shopping trip with you. Share pictures of products you bought, why you bought them, and how you'll use them.

This is just one example of how you can share your healthy lifestyle with your readers in different ways.

You could do something similar with training routines, work habits, family time, morning/bedtime ritual, and more. Show what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

29. Get Inspirational

Weight management is a prime example here. People who struggle with weight are more likely to take health advice from someone who struggles with weight but has found a solution that works for them.

People who have never struggled with weight make some very incorrect assumptions about why some people are bigger than others.

And of course, this can apply to all kinds of reversals of medical conditions through lifestyle changes.

30. Relationships

Relationship-focused blogs can be integrated with a multitude of other aspects of wellbeing. Health and relationships are two of the highest traffic producing website types to so you can drive outrageous traffic with this niche.

Discuss the link between health and:

  • Friendship

  • Family bonds

  • Partnerships

  • Co-workers

  • Career advancement

  • Giving back and community service

31. Nutrition

We all know that eating habits are crucial to health. It doesn't matter if you're an authority on exercise or you're a medical blogger. So be sure to hit these food topics as a blogger.

32. Ultimate Guides

The ultimate guide on diabetes management, heart disease, or ketogenic diet. If you could research and get everything there is to know about a topic on a page, then create one of these end-to-end guides, or many.

These are also great marketing assets. They're easier to rank in Google, can act as lead magnets, really give you the opportunity to go into detail about how to be healthy in your writing.

33. Mental Health

Maintaining mental health is key to a healthy lifestyle. If you're suffering from depression, anxiety, or another mental disorder then it's hard to stick with health decisions. At the same time, improving physical health can better mental health. So be sure to discuss the connections in your writing.

Most patients are hesitant to ask for medical help or seek medical help without first talking to someone. Compassionate information blog content will help. In a bid to erase the stigma, you could even make yourself available, although be sure not to miscommunicate your role.

34. Sexual and Reproductive Health

Many other health issues can impact intimacy and reproductive health so remember to discuss these connections.

35. Ask your Audience

You can certainly do this directly "What do you want me to talk about". Run surveys that determine the next topic you cover.

You can also read comments on your blog posts to come up with new ideas, tips, nutrition, fitness, etc. you can share in your writing.

Bonus 36 & 37: Invite a Guest Poster

Sometimes, you just need a break. Inviting guest posters is a great way to expand your content assets with less work.

Guest posters don't expect financial compensation. Instead, they're hoping that the guest post will:

  • Allow them to share with a new audience

  • Drive traffic back to their website

  • Get a Backlink to their website which helps their SEO so search engines treat them more favorably

But be careful when soliciting guest posts. Set up some basic rules and reserve the right not to post something that doesn't meet your standards.

Find people who may want to guest post by networking on Linkedin or create a guest post guidelines tab on your website and share it on social media.

Get Even More Creative Things to Write About on a Health Blog

You're now well on your way to having endless things to write about on your health and wellness blog. With these ideas, you'll recognize a great blog topic idea when you see one.

You'll be able to create lists of topics to keep your publishing calendar full of blog topics that are not only easy to write. People love them. Search engines love them.

Are you struggling to maintain your health and wellness blog? Not getting the results you want with SEO, lead-generation or revenues? I can help.

Get results when you have a professional health and wellness writer manage your blog. Contact me today.


Leigh Clayborne is a Hubspot certified freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years of healthcare management experience on 15+ years of creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

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