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Here's Why your Best SEO is a Good BEO


Or I would say, "those who know, know BEO". But I might receive a cease and desist from BDO's lawyers. So, I didn't say that.

What is BEO? - you may be asking. - And it can't possibly be better than SEO, can it? That's absurd.

Yes, yes, it can. Let's look at the origins of the word first.

And no, it has nothing to do with BeO (Beryllium Oxide) for the chemists out there.

The Origen of BEO

BEO is an old Anglo-Saxon word. And I'm very good with languages, but don't ask me to pronounce it in its original form. We'll just say it's Bee-Eee-Oh for simplification.

It means "Living, Alive, Active".

BEO was also the god of barley in the old "pagan" religions, which makes sense, given the fact that barley was a source of life.

And you may have realized that it's the prefix of BeoWulf, the tale of a great warrior that you may have read in high school, written around that same time.

So, in summary, the word means means "Alive".

Is your SEO content a living and breathing entity? --metaphorically speaking. Or is it cold and lifeless.