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Content Writing Packages

for Content Marketing

Increase traffic. Generate leads. Get results.

 Buy blog articles, guest posts, eBooks, video scripts, optimization services & more.

Get the best freelance writer rates on results-driven content.

Prices starting @ $50

Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 11.03.48 AM.png

With every piece of professional content you automatically receive:

  • Keyword research

  • Competitor research

  • Marketing Objective Alignment

  • On-Page SEO-Optimization using SaaS tools

  • Meta Title & Description

  • 1  relevant image per 500 words

  • Free revisions if needed

  • Content edited using SaaS tools

The Maintainer

1 Blog Post or

Video Script

Starting @ $50/mo

Best for People Who:

  • Want to minimally maintain an existing blog

  • Are curious about blogging and how it works​

  • Are Unsure if I'm the right fit for your website. No hard feelings. Always better to find that out after 1 blog vs. 10.

1 X 500 Word Article


1 X 1000 Word Article


1 X 1500 Word Article


1 X 2000 Word Article


1 X 3000 Word Article


Best For People Who:

  • Are on a tight budget

  • Believe that slow and steady wins the race

Bonus Content

  • 1 Social Media headline per article

  • Exclusive: Take 10% off  Lead Gen eBook

4 X 500 Word Article


4 X 1000 Word Article


4 X 1500 Word Article


4 X 2000 Word Article


4 X 3000 Word Article


Best For People Who:

  •  Are looking for rapid growth (6-9 mo) through comprehensive content marketing strategies 

Bonus Content

  • 2 Social Media Headlines per article

  • 1 Email headline and blurb

  • Exclusive: Take 15% off lead gen eBook

8 X 1000 Word Article


8 X 1500 Word Article


8 X 2000 Word Article


8 X 3000 Word Article


The Growth-Hacker 

8+ Blog Posts or

Video Scripts

Starting @ $580/mo

(Best Value)

The Sustainability

4 Blog Posts or

Video Scripts

Starting @$175/mo

(Most Popular)


The Pillar 

(HubSpot Strategy)

Benefits of The Pillar

This strategy keeps you from spreading resources too thin. It's the optimized way to build long-term, sustainable visibility through blogging.

Over a period of several months of applying this strategy each month, The Pillar will:

  • Raise your websites DA (Domain Authority) and Average Rank in Search Console

  • Increase visibility across the website on many keywords and, in turn traffic

  • Generate about 9X the leads and/or sales, depending on your business model

How it works.

I build:

  1. 1   exceptional, linkable, shareable, long-form SEO'd blog post (3000-10000 words).

  2. 6-8 satellites (1000+ words) based upon key questions answered in the pillar

  3. Internal links to each satellite

  4. Social media headlines for sharing.

  5. One eBook out of your Pillar

Then You share them on your social media to draw some initial traffic.

It's important to build some initial links to a pillar. But the pillar is designed to attract links as well.

Starts @ $550 

I use a SaaS tool to find out the optimal SEO length for the pillar. If we go with its recommendation, price varies.

The Historical Optimizer

(HubSpot Strategy)

Gets the Highest ROI on Blogging

If you've been publishing  for > 1 year with at least 50 quality posts, This  add-on service renew and optimizes your existing assets.

How it works. 

  1. I review your site's analytical data using a specialized SaaS SEO tool

  2. I identify 10 or more "Almost Amazing" blog posts that are 6 mo. or older. This is low-hanging fruit that can significantly improve website KPIs like traffic, links, signups, etc.

  3. I update and enhance those blog posts. URLs will stay the same so they keep any links.

  4. We republish them on your blog as new posts over the next several weeks. 

  5. You re-share them on social media

  6. I identify other quick wins to optimize the blog and implement.

Why This Works

Google loves fresh content. If your post is over a year old and not getting much attention, Google de-indexes it.  Great posts  often languish in this digital junkyard.

"Recycling" is the best way to:

  • Get the most out of your content assets

  •  Keep content fresh for your readers

  • Rank higher in searches to get more traffic

  • Reduce the need to create completely new content

  • Maximize your blogging ROI

Because this is a very customized service

Prices Vary 

We'll discuss this as part of the 

comprehensive content marketing strategy for your site.

Leigh Clayborne is a Nashville-based freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years healthcare management experience on 15+ years creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

She is HubSpot & Google Analytics Certified and always learning & adapting to help clients stay ahead of the competition.


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