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15+ Ways Your Brand Can Have More Fun this Year without looking CRAZY.

Updated sept 2018

As a business, you have an image to uphold.

And unless you're in comedic entertainment, chances are that image does not include dancing around in funny costumes, singing and telling jokes.

But with the increased focus on customer experience these days as drivers of leads, sales and brand loyalty, is it okay for your brand to be a little fun or even be funny sometimes? Can you do it without losing your brand dignity?

Let's look at some brands who found great success with fun & humor. Then we'll bounce some ideas around to see if we can get your creative juices flowing on how to be more "fun" this year without looking like you've lost your mind.

What is Fun?

Fun by definition, is doing something that is enjoyable, amusing or funny. Different things are fun to different people. This is largely because fun speaks directly to us, to our own understandings, experiences, needs, wants, misconceptions, etc.

This is why having fun gets our attention the way that it does and often makes us chuckle, sigh, shake our heads or muse, "that's so true". Because it is different for everyone, it is infinitely important to know your target buyer personas and consider how they will respond to your various levels of fun.

What is the role of Fun & Humor in Content

  1. It gets attention.

  2. People remember it.

  3. It puts people at ease. When we laugh, endorphins are released into our bloodstreams, leaving us feeling relaxed and happy.

  4. It inspires action, CTR, Impulse Buy, bookmarking the page, and so on.

  5. It makes customers feel clo