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12+ Content Marketing Failures Your Business Can Avoid

Why doesn't Content Marketing Work

Updated Sept 2018

So you've been content marketing before it was called content marketing.

Or maybe you hopped on the bandwagon 5 or so years ago when study after study proved not only did that content marketing works, but that it was the way customers want you to reach them as opposed to more expensive, less effective commercials, ads, cold calls, etc.

The SEO content marketing ideas of yourself or your content marketer were always a hit. You saw a great content marketing ROI. You'd just buy blogs, tell your blog writer what words you were targeting, and presto: Content Magic.

Content Magic

But you may have noticed that something's changed toward the end of last year?

Search engines are getting smarter and humans are too. The same old key-word stuffed, empty SEO content no longer gains leads. That "SEO Friendly Content" is neither SEO nor friendly. And they may have even been using the best SEO at the time. But times changed and that "SEO content writer" didn't change with it.

All of that poorly written content that you either wrote yourself -- even though you've never claimed to be a writer -- or farmed out to the lowest bidding SEO blog writer on sites like and Upwork is a little more than useless.