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Business Leader's Guide: "What Am I Paying For?": Part 2- Content Marketing SEO Servic

SEO Content Wirting Services

Updated Sept 2018

Welcome to part 2 of our series that helps you understand what business leaders like you need to know about what you are paying for when it comes to content marketing services.

By better understanding these services, you will have a more comprehensive idea of what is a good value and if you are getting the right ROI.

In case you missed it. Here is part 1: Content Marketing Consultations Demystified.

In this part, we'll discuss On-Page SEO. On page SEO, in a nut shell, is the things you do to improve traffic to your site that the audience can see. This is opposed to Off Page SEO, which is behind the scenes things you do off your site.

The cost of these services is dependent of the size of your site and whether you are investing in an analysis only or having someone fix these things for you.

Let's start with the most important.

UX - User Friendliness

A major part of assuring that your site is search engine optimized is making it user-friendly. User-friendlnesss includes things like: