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7 Effective Content Spring Cleaning Strategies

Update Sept 2018

SEO. Keywords. Google. Content. Key Word Density. Link Farming. Black Hat. White Hat. Penalties. Those of us who've been in the SEO and Digital Content Marketing game a while have seen a lot of myths, best practices & black hat techniques come and go. As an SEO content writer you've watched great out of the box ideas skyrocket rankings and then become punished accounts. So as we move into 2019, it's time to do some spring cleaning to make sure your content creations are still working for you within your content marketing strategy.

So make a late night of it, drink some expresso and set aside some time to spring clean your content for the new year.

Re-read your content

If you've been developing content a while as an SEO blog writer, this may be the equivalent to reading a few books. But in order to make the most of your content, you need to do this periodically. I recommend, at very least, 1X a year. If you have way too much content. Selectively re-read and prioritize. This serves several functions, which we'll discuss in detail in the upcoming steps.

Develop an Action Plan

Have a notepad on hand. Make note of article titles and what needs to be updated, fixed or removed. Be specific but develop a system so that you can easily go back through later to fix what you need to fix. If it's a really easy fix, fix it as you go, but don't get side tracked and get lost in the weeds. Some things just aren't worth fixing. Other things will improve your SEO and Customer Experience by making the content shiny and new with very little effort. These are the focus of your efforts.

Set Priorities. What is most important to fix first: old stats, obsolete information, content that poorly represents your current brand, poorly written content, content that used obsolete SEO strategies that may now be hurting you, etc, etc. etc?

Look for and update Obsolete information

For example: