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Future of Content Marketing: Who Will Survive?

The ease of creating, publishing and distributing online content has opened up an entirely new era in content marketing.

But what will the future hold.

As 88% of marketers now use digital content, and the playing field is saturated with "noise", how will the content marketers of the future (1-5 yrs from now) set themselves apart? How will they differentiate their brands, increase leads and inspire loyalty?

Over 70% on companies still consider themselves to be in the "learning" stages when it comes to content marketing. That's most of us. The industry has a long way to grow.

Those of us who can break away from this 70% to truly become proficient will lead content marketing into a new era, while advancing the brands we promote along the way.

This will require innovation, creativity and constantly challenging common knowledge. We need to buck the system to get results, while finding new and better ways to measure return on investment.

We need to find new ways to produce interactions, lead potential customers to make small commitments, increase engagement.

Increase Engagement through Content? Easier said than done, right? Let's look at a few ways we can do this that are not being widely used or at all. You can stay ahead of the game and develop your own innovation when you create content for humans.

Partnership Content