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Copyright Web Content: 5 Ways to Enforce a Web Content Copyright without filing a lawsuit

Copyright web content

Updated Sept 2018

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You've invested a lot of time and/ or money into SEO content creation.

You want to know how to protect web content. You may be asking,

Do I need to copyright web content?

How do I copyright web content?

How do I enforce my web content copyright?

Those are all very smart questions. Whether we're talking about images, slogans, logos, videos, sales writing or SEO content writing, they're assets that belong to your company and yes, you own them. Either you designed and wrote them or paid an SEO content creator to do so.

In this article we'll discuss how to protect what's yours.

How to Copyright your web content

Copyrighting your content does not require hiring a lawyer or filling out forms for the copyright office. Every time an SEO content creator published content online in the US, a copyright is automatically applied to it. If you're using a website template, this copyright notification will likely be in the footer of your site.

This informs those who visit your website that all content on your site is under copyright. As a general rule, this means that content should not be used without permission. Having a copyright and enforcing a copyright, however, are two different things entirely.