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11+ Data-Driven Strategies for Marketing a Health Coaching Startup

Health Coach Marketing

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You always had a passion for healthy living.

Or maybe you're a success story.

You turned your health around. And now you want to share with others as a health coach.

Health coaching is an incredibly rewarding profession that allows you to align your passions with income. But figuring out how to begin to build your brand is always a challenge.

Let's explore 11 effective strategies for marketing a health coaching startup.

1) SEO your Website

Make sure it’s as user-friendly as possible (speed, navigation, mobile, helpful SEO content creation, etc.)

2) Apply On Page SEO Strategies

Increase visibility in searches through content. Complete a competitor analysis and start targeting keywords in your content.

3) Get Visual

If your coaching is visual, hire a photag or a friend to take great pictures of you coaching others. Start building a presence on instagram and facebook at very least.