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11+ Data-Driven Strategies for Marketing a Health Coaching Startup

Health Coach Marketing

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You always had a passion for healthy living.

Or maybe you're a success story.

You turned your health around. And now you want to share with others as a health coach.

Health coaching is an incredibly rewarding profession that allows you to align your passions with income. But figuring out how to begin to build your brand is always a challenge.

Let's explore 11 effective strategies for marketing a health coaching startup.

1) SEO your Website

Make sure it’s as user-friendly as possible (speed, navigation, mobile, helpful SEO content creation, etc.)

2) Apply On Page SEO Strategies

Increase visibility in searches through content. Complete a competitor analysis and start targeting keywords in your content.

3) Get Visual

If your coaching is visual, hire a photag or a friend to take great pictures of you coaching others. Start building a presence on instagram and facebook at very least.

Get permission if pics include other people.

4) Harness the Power of Testimonials

If you don’t have any yet, coach someone for free.

Testimonials as a Marketing Tool

You need these. Create short testimonial videos. They don’t have to be high quality.

They just need to be authentic.

5) Make Videos & Share

Make 2–3 higher quality marketing videos 15–30 seconds that connect with a target’s problem and then provide a solution.

Show what you do. Make it inspirational. If you can’t afford a video production right now, start with some slideshow videos set to music or voice over. There are places to make these free or low price online.

It goes without saying that you'll share these on your site with great headlines to get people excited and interested. Apply best practices to create more shareable content.

6) Create Written Content & Share

Really start establishing yourself as a thought leader in health if haven't already. Know who your target is and connect with them every week on topics that matter to them. Regularly add an article to your site 1000+ words, SEO’d.

You can write these yourself or hire a professional SEO content writer.

Share on social sites.

7) Get a Book

Hire a ghostwriter

Every health coach should have a book on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be really long -- about 10 thousand words with great visuals. You can write it yourself or pay a professional writer who specializes in health writing and knows how to inspire people.

It should really break down your philosophy, how to get results and how you help. It should get people excited about what you do.

Don’t worry about giving too much away. People hire health coaches because they know what they’re supposed to do but they don’t feel like they can do it without

support. This is how you build trust and generate leads.

8) Curate and Create Inspirational Videos, Images, Memes, etc. & Share

They are the top 5 most shared posts on social. And they align so well with what you do. Create an unstoppable duo by combining inspiration with your brand.

Create some of your own so that you can put your brand on it.

9) Connect with Micro-influencers on Social.

These are non-famous people who have 1000+ followers who might need health coaching.

Connect with these people and share what you do. Offer to provide an exclusive discount to their followers if they say they heard about you through Influencer X. This

Micro-Influencer Marketing

way you can not only get more visibility.

You can track the effectiveness of your influencer strategy.

10) Add PPC.

Some of these strategies take a few months to build momentum. In the mean time, invest in some PPC (pay per click).

This is a costly way to market long term if you don't have more long term strategies in place. But when you're a startup you need results now. This is a great way to get them.

Make sure that the landing pages align well the ads. Never link an ad to your home page. The page should be customized for conversion. Do AB testing.

11) Utilize Analytics

Most of the basic tools are free:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • Social Media Analytics

But you'll want to invest in more powerful tools as you progress like:

  • AhRefs

  • Moz

Collect data to evaluate your various strategies and continue to hone them to optimize and maximize your ROI.

12) Find Your Niche & Differentiate

Who's your audience? Maybe you want to target people in cubicles. Maybe you've your eyes set on new moms trying to drop the baby weight. Or you could be hyper-focused on people who want to achieve optimal health.

Really think through who your best candidates are. And then build your strategy around them. This helps set you apart from other health coaches. Market differentiation is will be an important key to your success when marketing a health coaching business.

13) Automate

You can spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks.

Research tools that help you automate social sharing and other tasks.

They're typically very moderately priced so they're perfect for solo-prenuers and very small startups.

Effectively Marketing a Health Coaching Startup

This requires some dedication to strategies that will help you build awareness and trust among those you want to reach.

It can often feel like you're doing 2 full time jobs. But because you've aligned your passion with business, you'll have super-human strength at times to get it all done.

Need help putting these strategies into practice? Looking for a better way to optimize your marketing efforts to achieve results? Reach out.


Leigh Clayborne is a Hubspot certified freelance content marketing / SEO content writer & strategist with 10 years of healthcare management experience on 15+ years of creating content. She is a strong proponent of creating the right customer experience to meet business goals.

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