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#1 Indicator For Success (According to Science)

Creativity in Marketing

What is the key to success?

Is it hard work?




These all play a vital role; you nor I can dispute it. But what is the true key to success that transcends all fields and industries? Would you be shocked to learn that it's "creativity"? We'll look at some fun scientific research. And you'll see why.

So this isn't it. Who knew?

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the ability to think beyond what is to see what could be. It is how we get from point A to point B even if Point C, D and E are blocking our way. And usually, they are.

You might say that this is diligence and not creativity. But pure diligence without creativity would be the equivalent to just ramming C,D and E until they get out of your way. This is rarely an effective approach.

There is no adaptation or evolution in industry without Innovation. Creativity allows us to learn and grow. And without it, we tread water, our businesses stagnate, we can't seem to get ahead in our careers, we can't seem break through the competitor noise to reach our customers.

Without it, all of that hard work, networking, intelligence and charisma can't be put to good use to find success.